Some useful links

University of Manitoba

For all

  • Information Services and Technology (IST).
  • Bookstore.
  • Campus Maps.
  • Campus Services, all kinds of useful links to services on the campus.
  • Computers on Campus computer store (situated within the bookstore).
  • University Goods for sale (link).
  • University calendar (link). Both the undergraduate and graduate calendars can be downloaded from there.
  • Software express (link), some free software provided by the university.
  • Recreation and sport (link).

For all students

  • The International Centre for Students (ICS) provides support for all University of Manitoba students, offering programs and services to help international students before and after their arrival in Canada.
  • Career Services (link).

For undergraduate students

  • Student Affairs (link) has most of the information and links for students (enrolment, housing and student life, registrar's, health, ..).
  • Student guide.
  • University of Manitoba Student Union (UMSU).

For graduate students

  • University of Manitoba Graduate Students' Association (UMGSA).
  • University Teaching Services (UTS)
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS)

For faculty and staff

  • University Teaching Services (UTS)
  • Travel services (link)
  • Office of Institutional Analysis (OIA), statistics about the university.

Mathematical Resources


  • Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS)
  • Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society (CAIMS)
  • American Mathematical Society (AMS)
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Canadian Mathematics Institutes and Organisations

  • Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS)
  • Fields Institute (link)
  • Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM)
  • Canadian university mathematics departments (link)

Canadian mathematics journals

  • Canadian Journal of Mathematics (link)
  • Crux Mathematicorum Problem Solving Journal (link)
  • Canadian Applied Mathematics Quarterly (link)


  • Guide to Available Mathematical Software (GAMS), a cross-index and virtual repository of mathematical and statistical software components of use in computational science and engineering.
  • Mathematics Jobs at Canadian Universities (link)
  • Numerical analysis network (NA-Net)
  • NEOS (link), a site dedicated to Optimization offering access to a computation server.
  • Penn State Math Servers of World (link)
  • Scientific Computing Software at Netlib, an extensive collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases.


MathCamp 2017 information is online.

Manitoba Workshop on Mathematical Imaging Science Friday, May 5, all day, Robert Schultz Lecture Theatre, details.

In an effort to help students, the Math department has put together the LevelUp program. See details here. Video explaining registration process is here.


Thursday, May 4th, 2017 at 15:30, 418 Machray Hall
Tommy Kucera
Fibonacci and The Liber Abaci
(Seminar series : Colloquium)

Friday, May 12th, 2017 at 15:30, 418 Machray Hall
John Dallon
Modeling Amoeboidal Cell Motion -- Force vs Speed
(Seminar series : Colloquium)

Friday, August 4th, 2017 at 15:30, 418 Machray Hall
Jose Aguayo
(Seminar series : Colloquium)